White Paper

An Introduction to Aerodynamics, Software & Certification in Safe Flight

Automated control and software systems lie at the heart of complex aircraft. Ensuring their reliability continues to be crucial in maintaining flight’s position as the safest mode of transport.

In this white paper, we explore some of the basics of aerodynamics and look at how different aircraft types produce different handling characteristics and training demands that modern software systems can alter. We also look at the role industry standards, certification and independent testing has in assuring the safety of these software systems.

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • The basic principles of aerodynamics
  • How airplanes are controlled
  • How aircraft types differ and why that matters
  • Why plane manufacturers and airlines like closely-related aircraft families
  • The role of software in evolving aircraft design
  • The relationship between pilots and aircraft software
  • Key safety considerations
exploring aerodynamics and certification in avionics software whitepaper