White Paper

Model-Based Safety Analysis

Using modelling to ensure system safety.

Ensuring systems function safely is vital, especially in critical industries where faults and errors could be fatal. But how can engineers both assess the potential for faults within a system and guarantee that such knowledge remains a permanent fixture within organisations? 

The rise of digital modelling has led to far more effective ways of maintaining full system overviews. This modelling ultimately enables a better understanding of the system and its failure dependencies, expedites the implementation of design iterations, and optimises backup and mitigation strategies.  

In this white paper, explore: 

  • The different types of modelling, from analogue physical modelling to its digital counterpart
  • How causal and acausal modelling can help visualise complex systems
  • The technical requirements of effective physical modelling
  • Critical’s experience in the field of modelling
model based safety analysis whitepaper