Systems & software development

We design, develop, maintain and transform all kinds of systems and software.
Systems & software development

From planes and trains to online banking: complex software drives many important systems.

At Critical Software, we design, develop, maintain and transform all kinds of systems and software, specifying, designing, programming and testing lots of different components. In many cases, these are physically embedded systems, often with a dedicated function in support of more complex systems critical to a customer’s business.

We combine years of expertise in critical systems and software with detailed knowledge of industries and safety standards.

Customers usually work with us when they need to rapidly upscale their technical resource capabilities or when they lack the experience and knowledge of the certified systems and software they need to develop.

Whether providing our own processes and toolchains or adapting to customers’, development is efficient, cost-effective and meets industry requirements.

What our customers say about us

"Critical Software has exceeded my expectations in terms of technical competence, the team’s dedication to the task at hand and the professionalism demonstrated across various roles. I would have no hesitation in using them again."

Paul Brinson

 "Critical Software proactively supported us in achieving key review milestone goals by providing timely comments and completing key work packages on time. It's been a pleasure to work with Critical Software and I hope our paths cross again."

Airbus Defence & Space
Ahmad Qadir

 "Critical gave support to us over a challenging period demonstrating strong competencies and real efficiency. Communication between Thales and Critical Software was consistently very good through regular steering meetings too."

Thales Alenia Space - Cannes
Brice Forrestier

"Critical Software is a very good partner, helping us to reach our targets even in difficult times."

Bombardier Transportation
Stefan Roessling

“Critical Software have been a dependable partner to DCC, and have always delivered on time and to their promises. They have been accommodating of tough asks and have provided lots of innovative ideas and products that have really helped us.”

Data Communications Company
Ross Catley

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