Embedded Software Development

Software applications are often regarded as safety-critical.

This means they need to adhere to strict certification and qualification requirements. A complete understanding of these complex requirements is crucial when developing safety-critical software to ensure that unexpected costs and development delays are avoided. Our custom embedded software applications designed to meet the most demanding functional, performance and safety requirements across a wide range of global industries. Our embedded systems experience includes software development according to standards such as ARP-4754, ARP-4761, DO-178C, DO-254, IEC-61508, EN-50126/8/9, ISO 26262, ECSS E-40/Q-80 and more.

Whether upgrading legacy software systems to comply with new certification requirements or building software applications from scratch, certification requirements pose unique challenges that span the entire software development life cycle.

Our experts have garnered vast experience having worked on several million lines of code and are proven in the timely delivery of systems that comply with all application-specific and certification requirements.

We are able to support our clients flexibly in the development of embedded software, from full lifecycle and certification support, through to ‘shared life cycle’ and ‘shared scope’ development models, where roles are allocated between ourselves and our client. Key areas of embedded software development that we address include:

  • On-board data handling and equipment control applications
  • Development or adaptation of board support packages (BSP) for multiple architectures (for example, LEON2, ARM, Intel, PowerPC)
  • Tailoring and qualification of real-time operating systems (RTOS)
  • Re-engineering of legacy applications, migration to new platforms and updating requirements
  • Implementation and adaptation of protocol stacks
  • Interface mediation (i.e. communication across heterogeneous protocols)
  • Space-time partitioning solutions for mixed-criticality, hard real-time systems

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