Smart Data Acquisition, Interpretation and Analysis

Critical understands the power of data and the value it can provide when correctly managed and utilised.

Raw data has limited worth. Once you can be assured of the quality and timeliness of your data, it has great potential. When mixed with geospatial, temporal and other data forms, that value potential becomes exponential.

Over the years, we have developed a specialty in data extraction from smart energy devices and platforms, including smart meters. This process is often complex due to the protocols, regulations, system interfaces, security certifications and audits, data consent mechanisms, technical complexities and physical connection requirements involved. We have developed a set of skills and solutions allowing clients to easily acquire the data they want, when they want it.

Bringing clarity to a complex set of requirements involving people, automated and semi-automated systems is one of the most overlooked stages of any new system procurement. We invest our effort at this crucial stage in presenting clear, easily digestible information, bringing value and meaning to requirements in a fast and efficient manner.

For example, n3rgy’s state-of-the-art data extraction services from smart meters offer insights into users’ energy consumption, benefiting a range of parties from DNOs to end users. Critical’s partnership with n3rgy means our clients can take full advantage of these benefits. Using n3rgy, clients - from households to businesses - can acquire, interpret and analyse data from their smart meters, without having to go through their energy provider. For utilities companies, it can help operate smart switching services and match end users with the right tariffs, while DNOs can use these insights to forecast revenues accurately.


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