Safety-Critical Systems Assessment

No matter the industry, safety is always a top priority. That’s why it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Modern defence and homeland security systems are incredibly complex and the consequences of errors within those systems can be enormous. Because of the pace of technological change, the safety of new systems needs to be verified as early as possible – to protect against costly errors further down the development chain.

When considering safety, it is vital to recognise that a system includes more than just hardware. Safety management must cover software, human, procedural, contextual and organisational aspects too.

Our RAMS & safety support services for defence include:

  • Project gap analysis: identifying gaps in safety integrity requirements, applying IEC 61508 or MIL-STD-882 standards, and determining the best way to overcome them given specific client needs.
  • Safety management & safety case preparation: managing functional safety across the development lifecycle, including safety case preparation.
  • Training on functional safety: addressing the requirements of IEC 61508, focusing on global normative aspects, project-specific needs or both.

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