Automated Verification and Validation

Validation and verification (V&V) tests whether a system meets its requirements and works as it should.

Defence and homeland security software is used in some of the most demanding scenarios imaginable, so extensive testing is a must to ensure safety. Yet V&V activities can account for 70% of the total development process effort, especially when moving from hardware to software-based systems. This can mean huge costs. Automated testing and cutting-edge product development methodologies like agile, DevOps and test automation can accelerate time-to-market and reduce the costs of V&V activities.

Our vast experience across a wide range of safety-critical applications means we are able to deliver effective V&V solutions for complex and demanding projects.

We offer a comprehensive set of V&V services for the defence industry including:

  • Test automation: white box testing, black box testing, security testing, performance and load testing.
  • Closed-loop testing: software and hardware-in-the-loop integration and systems level testing.
  • System integration testing: testing human-machine interfaces and machine to machine interfaces, defining test cases for different system functions and executing test procedures in either a test rack or a simulator.

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