Case Study

Maintaining Profits Across Currencies

Trading internationally can be extremely difficult, especially in the context of volatile currencies. It’s key that businesses are able to sufficiently control the profit and safety margins in relation to the prices they offer for their products and services, yet some do not have access to a resource which can easily achieve this.

A client tasked Critical with building a platform through which they could leverage data to ensure profit and safety margins could be maintained as well as to increase international sales. Our solution incorporated a database containing real-time exchange rate metrics and a microservice allowing for the profit safety margins to be applied to products and services, giving the client full control over managing currency fluctuations.

In this case study, learn more about:

  • Why greater control over price variances is needed when trading internationally 
  • How continuous development/integration was key to building our solution
  • User experience and its role in encouraging dynamic responses to price changes
  • The technologies we used to deliver a multi-faceted, effective solution
maintaining profits across currencies case study