White Paper

Data Consolidation in Financial Services

How not to make a mess of data consolidation projects

Data: the Holy Grail for modern organisations. And no organisation feels this more keenly than banks. Years of rapidly accumulating data and a reliance on legacy systems have left banks unable to modernise their core architectures. Without the comprehensive data centres that modernisation can offer, banks face uphill struggles against competitors when trying to innovate customer experiences and gain better insights from their data.

From data lakes and data hubs to creating a well-defined migration framework, how can banks take advantage of the opportunities data consolidation promises?  

In this white paper, find out about:  

  • What data lakes, data warehouses and data hubs are, and which banks should choose when consolidating data
  • How data consolidation creates business efficiencies and improves customer experience
  • Dealing with data governance the right way 
  • How Critical Software leverages its software development expertise to help banks harness their data
data consolidation in financial services whitepaper