Artificial Intelligence

Once figments of our imagination and awe-inspiring far-off future concepts are now part of our daily lives. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are rapidly changing the way we work, operate, and communicate. Keeping ahead of the curve and anticipating rather than hopelessly chasing trends are where we shine brightest.

AI is here to stay. So why get left behind? 

Unleashing the full extent of AI to analyse data in order to provide heightened and intelligent insights is part of our mission. As technology continues developing and the sheer amount of data we use piles up in no time at all, traditional approaches simply cannot keep up with the pace at which we can move once AI is correctly managed. the next logical step is incorporating Machine Learning into business processes. Not only are you able to deeply analyse the trends and habits of your customers, but you can automate the process while utilising machine learning to adapt and predict existing and future industry challenges. 


Data is valuable in unlocking user insights. When the wrong approach is applied, that data sits untapped and becomes an inaccessible sitting gold mine. 


We spend 25% of our time looking for information. With an abundance of data, this figure is only set to increase - unless we're able to use AI to filter out and select the most relevant material. We specialise in natural language processing for QA and chatbots, information retrieval and semantic search systems, recommendation systems, plus ontologies for information browsing.

Analytics Chatbots
Providing businesses with the technology to offer fully customisable communication channels while being integrated with numerous data sources makes our chatbot analytics engine capable of answering complex business questions rapidly and on demand.
IRPA: Intelligent Robot Process Automation
Focusing business processes on AI and automation allows humans to spend their time productively while making the most use of the results the systems produce. Process automation and cognitive computing create a golden opportunity for businesses to hit the ground running.
Information Extraction & Transformation
Providing text mining and natural language processing means that vital information can be extracted, transformed, and structured into bitesize chunks that all go towards enhancing searches and the efficiency of your systems.
Natural Language Search for Business Intelligence
Ensuring on-demand answers to everyday questions and providing up-to-date KPIs is a must in any business. Incorporating several data sources in an intuitive interface guarantees business as usual every day of the week. 
Data Science Studies and Solutions
Making the most of your under-utilised data, introducing science data methods, and incorporating AI techniques into our approach allow us to think outside the box and solve your challenges and offer solutions. 
Computer Vision and Real-Time Video Analytics
Enabling users to 'see', analyse, and understand their surroundings by introducing and developing cutting-edge solutions to transform their businesses. This involves developing object detection, motion tracking, event detection, and automatic monitoring.