Managed Services

Traditionally, companies looking to outsource software-related services have rightly been concerned about the quality, expertise and cultural differences associated with contracting far-away offshore companies.

Our Managed Services are designed specifically to offer a quality alternative by providing a nearshore beacon centre for clients looking to outsource IT and software services. We provide software and systems expertise on an onsite, offsite or mixed-model basis, supported by the necessary quality assurance that can only be delivered by an international organisation able to work with some of the biggest names in global business. We are one of only a handful of organisations that carry a CMMI Level 5 rating for our development processes so that whatever our level of engagement, quality comes as standard.

Our services provide assistance to organisations in areas as diverse as software maintenance, operations and application development. We offer our expertise across a broad range of safety, mission and business-critical areas, across multiple industries, including:

  • Customisable software development centre
  • Outsourced product development
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Independent software verification and validation
  • Automated software testing and quality assurance

We provide SLA delivery commitments, transparent pricing tied to service levels, and documented performance metrics linked to real process outcomes. We have accrued more than a million hours of application management expertise, having worked on a wide range of projects that have had to account for, and fully comply with, a range of EU and industry standards, regulations and security clearances.

Application Management

Cost-effective software support is never far away

Tapping into our extensive software engineering expertise, we partner with our clients to reduce their time-to-market and operational costs, improve their quality standards and sustainably drive innovation in their businesses. With two decades’ worth of experience in software engineering and delivery, project management and product management, we use lean and agile methodologies to manage our clients’ applications giving them the necessary peace of mind to continue growing their businesses.

Rapid Application Delivery

From fast prototyping to fast delivery

We help our clients to overcome the challenges they face in the development of software applications, from core systems to web portals to mobile apps. Using OutSystems RAD (Rapid Application Development & Delivery), we are able to quickly deliver working prototypes, drastically reduce application development timeframes and deliver enterprise-standard custom mobile and web applications.

Outsourced Product Development

Where your ideas come to life

We offer a comprehensive set of advanced IT and software engineering practices, tailored to your needs and supported by state-of-the-art continuous delivery methodologies. Our CMMI level 5 rated delivery unit is able to flexibly and adaptably deploy agile, scrum and lean methodologies. Our team of experts and proprietary technologies are able to support clients in implementing their product ideas, helping them to release minimum viable products, to scale up their product portfolios, to improve their operational efficiency and to develop or re-engineer their existing products and software applications.

Continuous Software Delivery

Bring your development processes back to life

Our continuous software delivery process begins with an assessment of a client’s current culture, practices and IT systems. Working closely with a client’s internal teams, we help to transition them from outmoded delivery processes and legacy systems to cutting-edge tools and new ways of working. Supporting clients with expert coaching and mentoring throughout, we move away from software development processes that encourage working in silos and introduce automated Continuous Integration (CI) tools and workflows that improve collaboration and productivity. Quality Assurance processes are then fully automated within the delivery processes wherever possible, improving testing efficiency and confidence in the final software solution. Finally, the software architecture is refactored, which facilitates a quick and clean continuous delivery process.

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