Application Retirement

Over time, businesses tend to replace old technologies and systems with new ones, as more modern solutions become available.

This often leaves important business-critical data trapped within old legacy applications, which are often expensive and difficult to maintain, requiring multiple licenses as well as specialist skills and knowledge to operate. Many businesses spend around 75% of their IT maintenance budgets servicing otherwise obsolete applications. Businesses need to be able to access the historic data these applications contain for many reasons – to meet regulatory reporting requirements or to analyse and compare annual performance figures, for example.

The process of application retirement makes these legacy applications redundant by migrating the useful data they contain to new, modern central repositories. Sometimes this data is migrated and stored ‘as is’, at other times fancy analytical interfaces are added. Either way, one of the problems with traditional application retirement solutions is that they fail to transform the data that is extracted from legacy systems into information that is immediately and practically useful, useable and ‘business-ready’. This means that businesses still have to spend more time, money and expertise trying to get the practical information they need out of the complex data extracted.

Our approach to application retirement is different. It takes data from a huge number of obsolete legacy applications and transforms it into standardised, business-ready documents containing information that is easy-to-read – eliminating the risks associated with traditional migration processes. All of this information is then made accessible within a single, customisable platform with strong query and search functions.

Our solution means that users do not have to be IT experts or information analysts to access historic, business-crucial information. Instead, we extract exactly what businesses decide is important to them and present it in a way that they can immediately make use of.

Our application retirement solution is flexible, fast-to-deploy and fully-scalable, designed to extract and transform complex, big data stored in a huge range of legacy applications. It also allows businesses to use custom-designed document layouts, according to their own brand and style requirements. We are also able to provide different levels of user access to documents and information based on individual or group permissions and are able to host solutions on business premises or securely in the cloud.

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