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Starting your career with us means working for some of the world’s most important technology industries in areas as exciting as space, aerospace, energy, banking and transport. You’ll be supported by experts in the field who will show you the ropes and build on your talent.  

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We’re not just technical titans and engineering superheroes. Our teams work closely together in a supportive and caring way, and you’ll develop personal skills that will allow you to thrive in your new career and feel a proud part of projects that really make a difference to the world we live in.





Project Manager

I’m happy to say that my adventure at Critical has been going on for almost nine years now!

Diana Gomes - Diana  Gomes



Junior Software Engineer

What do companies expect of me? What is it like to work with more experienced colleagues?

Rafael Martins - Junior Software Engineer

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If you are ready to challenge your limits and power up your career, check out details of our apprenticeship, work experience and internship programmes below and let us know why we’d be a great fit.

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UK Apprenticeship Programme
Our UK apprentices are fully immersed in the Critical Software way of life, experiencing life like a real employee. They work closely with our engineering teams on projects chosen to broaden their knowledge and fast-track their progression, gaining real experience and insight into what it takes to be one of our experts.

The apprentices we recruit usually have an interest in IT, software or engineering, though they are unlikely to possess any professional experience. They will typically undertake formal education at a college, generally leading to level 3 and level 4 ICT qualifications.

Apprenticeships generally last for two to three years. After this point, commensurate with university graduates, apprentices will have reached a position equivalent to Junior Software Engineer.
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UK Internships
We offer internships lasting one year for young people with relevant experience who wish to gain first-hand experience of a role within a first-class software engineering company. Our interns get to work with real engineers on real projects relating to their field of study.

Our internship programmes look to provide individuals with some of the practical experience needed to help them progress into a professional role by supporting their development and growth.
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UK Work Experience
We occasionally offer short-term placements for younger students wishing to gain work experience within the software and technology sector.
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