White Paper

The Rise of Embedded Cyber Security


In today’s world, around 61% of embedded systems are being designed with the expectation that they will connect to the internet. While this offers an array of benefits, it also means that maintaining security is increasingly becoming a real problem.

The security barriers needed to make sure systems stay safe are now much more complex than before, creating a significant challenge for engineering teams. In fact, a large number of developers of safety-critical systems (38%) are neglecting to follow any relevant safety standards.

To help solve the problem, Critical Software has developed a three-stage approach that covers the entire spectrum of embedded cyber security activities, ensuring security policies are enforced across a company.

Find out more in our free white paper:

  •    Discover the real extent of the current security problem developers face
  •    Take a look at our three-stage approach in detail and find out how our solution works

Explore how we can help, including:

  •    Complete coverage of all embedded cyber security needs
  •    Flexibility to target even the most vulnerable areas
  •    Compliance with the most demanding international security guidelines
  •    Finally, learn about the bespoke packages available to suit your business

Focusing on the most important aspects of a secure development lifecycle, our approach ensures that the foundations for the development of secure embedded systems are set.